Lockdown Lifestyle and Nutrition Team Challenge

5th February 2021

Lockdown no.3 has been great so far! Our members have embraced our Lockdown Nutrition and Lifestyle Team Challenge. Its unreal to see people create new positive habits especially while gaining points for their teams.


28th October 2020

This photo was taken nearly two years ago, at our Anniverary Team competition. Back to a time where we could fit alot more people in the gym.

Our classes have been reduce in numbers. However we’ve embraced it! More coach client time in each session. This is perfect for help people reach their goals.

Throw Back…

24th October 2020

How time has flown. This is an epic through back from five years ago. This bunch decided to go away for a few days. Log cabins, abseiling. gorge walking and obviously drop into Crossfit Catterick for a workout.

Member Focus…

Member Focus…

Warren FosterTime with us?

8 months

What brought you to Crossfit Scarborough?

I had kept myself reasonably fit, started running marathons etc. I eventually started getting niggly injuries which led to less time running. I started thinking about joining a gym, but really didn’t fancy a regular gym. I’d seen the Crossfit Games on amazon, then watched some documentaries, and then found Crossfit Scarborough.

What has been your favourite experience with us so far?

There have been a few. First one, getting through the door for the my very first session and then coming cosistantly. Others have been the Social Isolation Training Club during Lockdown (via zoom).Getting my 1st Handstand pushup and completing my first RX workout.

What do you tell yourself before a workout?

Before a workout, different now from when I started. I have a strong coffee, listen toloud music in the car. I used to worry about different moves/lifts etc, now each time is a chance to improve. Apart from Double Unders, we don’t get on!!

What would you say to the old you before joining Crossfit?

I wishes I’d found the gym earlier.Overall…I love it! Id previously had lower back pain, haven’t felt it for months. I’m Feeling better, moving better and way more motivated.Coaching is great, pointers and corrections. Support from others is great and it’s good getting to see others from different class times. I love the partner wods, Pairing with someone who can lift more or is better at cardio than you to push yourself more. I like that everyday is different. And I like that Crossfit keeps me accountable.

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Team Wod Saturday

Here was a fun workout to finish the week strong…

For time in pairs

60 x Wall Balls

60 x Kb Swings

25 x Syncro Burpees

500m Run (together)

50 x Wall Balls

50 x Kb Swings

25 x Syncro Burpees

500m Medball Carry (1 x Ball each)

40 x Wall Balls

40 x Kb Swings

25 x Syncro Burpees

500m Plate run (1 x 20k/15kg plate each)

Member Focus

6th October 2020

Becky Forman

How long have you been with us?
Over 5 years

What Brought you to us?

The reason i decided to come to Crossfit Scarborough is that i was stuck in a rut at the gym and needed a change. Id seen some girls on instagram that were doing movements that looked amazing and I wanted in!”

What has been your favourite experience with us so far?

My favourite experience if i have to pick one was, at one of our Gym team competitions. I was doing max reps cleans and i got a PR while people were cheering me on.

On a weekly basis I get buzzing with myself for the little things like using 15kg instead of 12.5kg, or my squat feeling better, or the fact my knees don’t hurt when I run etc…

What do you tell yourself before a workout?

I remind myself to enjoy it…but not too much. I’ll be stronger and fitter for completing it.

What would you say to the old you before joining Crossfit?

I’d tell myself to start sooner. I’d also tell myself how good it feels to achieve a pr or achieve a goal I’ve set for myself. Training is a lot more than just the results in the mirror.

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7th September 2020

Workout Of The Day

Warm up – Coach Led

Session Focus – Push Jerk


Push Jerk 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5


for time



Medball Cleans

Sit Ups

Client Story

How long have you been at Crossfit Scarborough?

4 years.

What brought you to Crossfit Scarborough?

Id originally attended Petes (coach/owner) Kettlebell Classes, which he ran before coming an Crossfit affiliate. I was looking for a new challenge and Pete convinced me to take a leap and try Crossfit. I was really nervous because id google Crossfit and seen videos of people flinging themselves around and lifting unimaginable weights, but Pete assured me that Crossfit was scalable for all.

What has been you best experiences so far?

“My favourite experience so far has to be taking part in competitions – which is something i never thoughts id do. Crossfit Scarborough regularly sends teams to compete at Battle Cancer events. We always have a great time; we laugh alot and we’ve raised alot of money for charity too. I have met brilliant people and have made some really good friends.”

What do you say to yourself before a workout?

I usually tell myself to ‘woman up and get on with it’. I’ve had some amazing support from the coaching team and i am now fitter, stronger and leaner, as a result.

What would you say to your old self before joining the gym?

I would tell the old me to not doubt myself and just give it a try. I’ve learnt alot at Crossfit Scarborough. I always come away with a sense of achievement and a smile on my face, even when theres been Devils Press in a workout!

Workout Of The Day

4th September 2020

Warm up – Coach Led


5 rds for time…

8 x T2b/16 x T2 Arm pit

15 x Dumbbell Deadlifts

100m Run


“The magic is in the movement, the art is in the programming, the science is in the explanation and the fun is in the community”

  • Greg Glassman