Crossfit (Outdoor) Classes

9th July 2020

Currently we are running all out Crossfit classes outside, until further notice and we are told we can get back in the gym. Apparently gyms are opening up within the next week or two. So heres hoping.

As usual though, our members have embraced the situation, they are having fun and fitness is being achieved. All kit is being provided and wiped pre and post workout and social distancing is priority.

1-2-1 coaching from the comfort of your own home.

5th July 2020

Alyson Ritchie has been training with us for around 5 and a half years now and is still making huge progress with her training.

Since lockdown, Alyson decided to follow our Online Training Program, which was a perfect fit for training from home while receiving 1-2-1 coaching.

Read below to hear her throughs…

“Online training has been a great new way to train, providing a structure which is really important to me. It also gives me the accountability i need to keep progressing in my training.

As part of the online training program you work 1-2-1 with a coach to develope goals to enhance your training, performance and enjoyment. Support is on hand regularly via check-ins so you never feel like you are stalling.

During the last couple of months ive seen real tangile results. Ive lost over 14lb on the scales through focusing on my nutrition, ive also gained confidence in my running and my flexibilty hs improved massively!”

If you like the sound of 1-2-1 remote coaching and accountability then arrange a free No Sweat Intro today –

Workout Of The Day

23rd June 2020

Home Wod

3 rds for time

1 mile Run

2 mins rest

Workout Of The Day

16th June 2020

Home Wod – 17-06-20


For time

50 x Stoh

50 x Sa Rows

50 x Walking Db/Kb Lunges

50 x Burpees

50 x Sit ups

15th June 2020

From starting out as a Crossfit affiliate six and a half years ago our aim was and still is to create a community of like minded people of all ages, races, background religions and sexual orientation. All with a common goal of improving quality of life not just through Fitness and Health but through education. 

Crossfit Unites people. As soon as you enter CrossFit affiliates doors everyone is equal. I like many others including many of my members, have experienced this in affiliates all over in the UK and travelling abroad. 

Crossfit Scarborough does not condone any racism or hate!

We love the community we have built over the years and we’re still passionate about educating ourselves further to provide the best for our members. 


Workout Of The Day

Tuesday 16th June

Home Wod (Zoom Class)

Warm up – Coach Led


Tabata Shuttle Sprints (5 metre)

8 rds of work/10 seconds rest

Rest 5 mins

8 rds of work/10 second rest

Cool Down/Stretch

Foam Roll

14th June 2020

Workout Of the Day

Home Wod…(Zoom Class)

Monday 15th June 2020

Warm up – Coach Led


5 rds for time

20 x Bench Dips

20 x Hollow Rocks

Cool Down/Stretch

Pec Stretch

Pigeon Stretcn

Success during Lockdown!

5th June 2020

Theres never been a better time to focus on a goal.

So many members have had success since lockdown began. All types of goals have been chosen. Improvements in nutritional habits, strength gains in specific movements such as press up and pull ups, running times and something as simple as attending training more regularly.

Our online training starts with a free 121 Goal setting sessions then together we create a plan of how to achieve you goal, with regular check ins. All people need is accountabiltiy!

As you can tell by the picture, people love the classes!

Struggling to train?

9th April 2020

We have the answer!!

In these unprecedented times, we are taking a new approach to supporting members remotely. Working out at home can be difficult – finding the motivation can be challenging. Our online classes provide the motivation you are missing. Our classes are specifically designed to help you maintain your fitness level and develop your skills in a friendly, supportive environment.

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